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What shops buy used furniture in London?

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buy used furniture in london


Looking out for shops that buy used furniture in London? 

You might be looking for a while if you’ve not learnt exactly how you should look – yes annoyingly for some there is a method to it. First thing to note is that you’ve actually landed on the page of a London based company that will value your second hand furniture for free and pay out that value upon collection. All this – at a time & place convenient for you. Feel free to bookmark this page & come back later on as you may find we’re one of the only companies who truly buy used furniture in London. Unfortunately, we’re not able to purchase furniture of all types, it’s mainly luxury or designer furniture. Feel free to get in touch if in doubt however.  

Here are some other outlets that buy used furniture in London :

This list isn’t exhaustive of course and you may discover more out there. Learn more in our blog ‘Places you can sell used furniture’.


So what’s next?

So, we’ve established that the shops which buy used furniture in London are few and far between, & in all honesty, the handful that do can be very choosy with what they like to take. Moreover, it doesn’t help much that the sums offered can often feel like a slap across the face with a wet fish. 

With regards to shops that function in this way – buying furniture through a high street shop – this form of business is fast drying up. With shop floor space and rent rates continually on the rise – especially in London – it’s just not economical for all business owners and merchants to fill up their space with random sofas and chairs in different shapes and sizes.

The internet also shoulders some of the blame for this with people us using the web to search out every other question that comes to our minds. Why bother going down the high street when I can hop onto the internet and find a solution to my query there? Furniture business & shop owners are now also thinking the same thing. But all is far from lost, other than Pearlly there are still a number of avenues available to choose from. 

If the onus is on speed – refer to our post on I’m moving out and need to sell my furniture fast for some key advice on how to sort yourself out in this scenario. 


So where are the shops or places that buy used furniture in London?

You can do a local search for companies that operate in this way – try keywords in the search engine like ‘second hand furniture stores’, ‘where can I sell my old furniture’ or ‘furniture for cash’. This may well bring up some links in your locality that could assist. 

You could also refer to our post titled ‘What places can I sell my used furniture to?’ for a number of pointers on the subject where you may also find outlets for selling your preloved furniture. 

And of course, you can also hit ‘contact us’ & send us a list of the items of furniture that you’d like to sell, along with a few images captured on a HD camera or phone.

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